My Child, My Life

It's been a while now,
Since you left us to be with Him;
But, it is no easier now,
Than it was way back when.......

Our days are like the stepping stones,
Up to heaven we'll ascend;
To see you once again, my child,
And tell you where we've been......

God picks his flowers one by one,
As someone use to say;
But when He called you home, my child,
He got the whole bouquet.....

Send us a sign that you miss us, too,
As for your love, we know it's there;
We feel it with each passing day,
Nothing else on God's earth can compare.....

Echoes of your wonderful voice,
Are always in my mind;
At times, I feel your presence,
So loving and Oh! so kind....

We would like to tell you,
As along life's road we trod;
Our thoughts are always with you,
Please take us to him one day, my God.....

Until then, please know we love you,
And miss you more each day;
We'll see you once again, my child,
For this one thing, I shall always pray.....

Always to remember......never to forget.....

Copyright © Shirley Jean Pickens - August 2001